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4 ways to enjoy super delicious cashew, super attractive

YOU ARE A FAVORITE KIND OF NUTS, YOU WANT TO TRY TO USE THIS KIND OF SEED BY MANY METHODS WITH VARIOUS TASTE. Come with 4 ways to enjoy super delicious cashew nuts, super attractive that Cashew Nut Shell introduced below.

Cashews are a nutritious seed with many uses that are good for health. Normally, Vietnamese people only know cashews through salted cashew nut products. However, cashews have a lot of ways to enjoy. Donanuts Roasted Cashew nuts will introduce you to 4 methods with simple and easy ways.


Cashews can be used as an ideal snack. Some typical products are salted cashews or cashew tea. Besides, you can also enjoy cashew cream, roasted cashews or dried cashews at the snack shop.

Salt roasted cashews is a familiar snack that many people love. With this form of cashew nuts, it is easier to eat and use because it is roasted and salted by cashew nut producing facilities. However, the quality of salted roasted cashews is not always guaranteed. To buy delicious and safe cashews, you can refer to the products of salted cashew nuts. Not only do they have good quality raw cashew materials, cashews also have a processing process to ensure food safety and hygiene. The product and retain the characteristic taste of the thing is greasy and very fragrant

Cashew tea is made a bit complicated, so you need to have enough materials and time to carry out processing. You can refer to how to make cashew tea that salt roasted cashews share to make this dish delicious and attractive

Use cashew tea to note that should not eat much. In other words, eat less and don’t do it often. Because it can create a very high risk of weight gain.

2) USE OF Cashew Nuts as raw materials of daily meals.

This is not only a way to create delicious dishes, but also an ideal nutritional supplement. Using cashews as a raw material for cooking, good food also makes it easier for you and your family to enjoy. At the same time, it contributes to the unique flavor of the dish and makes the meal more palatable.

The processing of cashew nuts dishes is easy and fast. You can refer to the delicious and nutritious food from cashews in the shared article of salted cashews to know how.


The cashew nuts drinks are not as diverse as the food but they are always welcome. Because processing cashews makes drinks extremely simple and easy to use. With fresh ingredients, you can prepare drinks such as cashew milk or delicious nutritious cashew smoothies.

Cashew milk is very attractive with the delicious, greasy and pure flavor of fresh cashew. You only need to have fresh cashew, filtered water and blender to create a glass of sweet and flavored cashew milk. This is also a great way to enhance nutrition and for the anorexic. In particular, salt roasted cashews recommend a daily supplement of cashew milk to provide nutrients and minerals for the body.

Cashew smoothies you can make in combination with bananas, honey and yogurt. Each ingredient selects a certain ratio that suits your taste. You start by grinding pureed bananas mixed with honey and yogurt. Then, pour out the glass and sprinkle with roasted cashew nuts that have been smashed on it. So you have a delicious cashew banana smoothie that helps skin beauty effectively.


Cashew nut cake is a quite delicious and attractive dish. You can enjoy it as a snack, dissipated or used in parties, parties. Certainly the delicious taste with the crispness and golden color of cashew nut cake will become eye-catching and conquer any soul of eating.

Salt roasted cashews will show you how to make the most delicious and simple cashew pie:


– 175 g of light butter, left at room temperature.

– 175 grams of flour.

– 40 grams of powdered sugar.

– 40 grams of cornstarch.

– ½ vanilla coffee.

– 30-40 cashews.

– B1: Beat butter and sugar and then add vanilla mix well.

– B2: Mix flour and corn flour until very smooth, then add to the butter mixture and beat well.

– B3: Wrap the bag of mixed flour and mix in the refrigerator, after 30 minutes, then take out.

– B4: Squeeze the dough into a flat cake or whatever you want and place the cashews on top of it.

– B5: Put the cake in the oven and wait for it to cook.

So you’ve ended a super delicious and attractive cashew nut cake recipe. This nutcracker is guaranteed to be both delicious and delicious to help satisfy all the senses.

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