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Cashew nuts can not eat acne?

Cashew nuts have long been known to be a very high nutritional value, however, for many girls who miss this delicious dish, there is a common concern that they do not know if eating cashews will have acne. ? Understanding that psychology, today’s article will help you get the most detailed answer.

1 / Causes of acne:

Acne is one of the leading causes of skin damage, especially in some visible areas such as the face, hands, feet, etc. But its effects do not stop there, when the consequences are severe. The most acne that leaves is the ugly dark bruises on the skin.

Therefore, acne is always an obsession and makes you very worried when it appears. In particular, the main causes of acne are:

Poor skin hygiene, which accumulates sebum and dirt, clogged pores is one of the top reasons acne has a chance to get on the skin. Because this is the ideal time for bacteria to attack and grow strongly in an uncontrolled way.

Due to hormonal changes or disorders: This is often seen in pregnant women, taking certain medications or during puberty.

Pimples due to unreasonable diet: this cause is also quite common in many people. Because with a greasy diet, alcoholic drinks and stimulants, or just eat according to a preference for something, causing excess substances will also cause acne on the skin.

Cashew nuts can not eat acne

Eating cashews can cause acne

In particular, the habit of eating a lot of a favorite food is the most popular, therefore, for those eva who have a hobby of sipping salt and roasted cashews every day, when it comes to acne, worry that eating cashew nuts will not acne?

2 / Eat cashew nuts with acne?

To answer the question of whether cashew nuts get acne, you must first determine how much you eat for this type of salt roasted cashews.

With a light aroma, a slightly fatty taste, cashews are one of the favorite snacks of many people. And according to many studies, if you consume this type of food regularly in the body, it will bring many benefits to your health and beauty.

In particular, cashew nuts roasted with a rich content of vitamin E, Omega 3 and antioxidants, will provide the skin with the nutrients necessary for the anti-aging process, prevent acne and dark spots. fruit. Besides, it also brings a great moisture to your skin, so, this is a very good food source for those with dry skin.

However, you should also note that your favorite cashew nuts will also contain a certain amount of heat and saturated fat. And if you eat it too much, it will be very easy to cause acne.

In other words, for salt roasted cashews you can eat every day in a moderate amount will be good for health and prevent acne effectively. But absolutely do not eat too much at once, because it will make ugly acne spots have the opportunity to visit your peeling skin.

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