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How to choose a kind of high quality roasted cashew nuts

Salt roasted cashews is one of the famous snacks, selected by many people not only at home and abroad. Salt roasted cashews are exported to many countries around the world, favored by many international residents and also often promoted in the country, with its own brand. So, do you know what kind of salted cashews to export?

There are many different types of cashews that use type a, large, good quality cashews. Because export products always require high quality to meet the requirements of extremely selective international customers. Exported roasted cashew nuts is always a premium, carefully tested product before being licensed to supply abroad. Therefore, roasted salted cashews that have been exported to foreign countries must be of high quality, delicious and nutritious big seeds, no small nuts and small confused seeds.

Requirements for the packaging of salted cashew nuts for export must also meet high standards, certainly. When packing cashew nuts are vacuum pressed so as not to be crushed as well as mold moisture, making cashews quickly broken. Packages and boxes for exporting cashews must always ensure good quality, big seeds and packed carefully.

Currently there are many brands of roasted cashew nuts for different exports and there are products only labeled for export, but not guaranteed to be of good quality, so you should pay attention if you choose to buy cashew nuts for export. Choose a reputable unit, clear papers, ensure from raw materials to safe, professional production process. You should pay attention to the brand of the company that provides reputable cashew nuts, large and unbroken cashew products, brown silk shell surface, if not cashews, the cashew nuts must be bright and beautiful gold.

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