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Roasted Cashew Nuts with salt – A delicious New Year snack without being bored

In addition to the tray of rice cakes with banh tet, meat and wine, Tet Vietnam also has a tradition of welcoming guests with candies and cups of warm and fragrant tea. But regular confectionery is very sweet and fat. Some nuts, such as sunflower, lotus, and melon are time consuming and do not bring any nutritional value. Therefore, this Tet holiday you should put a plate of roasted cashews on the tea table to make a snack for guests to play. Ensuring it will be an extremely refined and pleasing hospitality.

There is no single seed that can be both delicious and greasy, but not as boring as roasted cashews. The combination of the crispy, pungent aroma is harmonized by a little salty taste of salt makes this snack become attractive without causing boredom. Guests will sit with the host with a cup of scented tea, a fragrant dish of roasted cashew nuts and sip with stories and good wishes on New Year. It is also a way to extend the story further with emotional and warm sharing.

A very important advantage of roasted cashew nuts is safety and benefits for all ages. From old people, adults or children. As researched on the benefits of roasted cashews with health, we know this dish is good for cardiovascular disease, diabetes. In particular, it also contributes to reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. These are very good benefits for the elderly, the most fussy eating people of all ages. Besides, roasted cashew nuts are delicious snacks without fat. This has also been proven in the article Cashew nuts roasted rich in nutrition and fat but help to lose weight. Most of the fat in salt roasted cashews is unsaturated fat, this is a type of fat that does not increase weight and is very good for health.

However, any dish should be eaten in moderate quantities to ensure safety. At the same time, salt roasted cashews also have harmful effects on some subjects such as pregnant women under three months, children under three years of age, people with kidney failure or hoarseness. So, on New Year’s treat with cashew nuts you also need to pay attention to the health of those who come to the house to offer them a snack instead!

Quality and safety issues for Tet foods are always very concerned. Salt roasted cashews is a snack that guests also need to be aware of this.

Usually the housewives often buy this product in supermarkets or shops, and choose the type of package safe, beautiful. However, this is not a guarantee that salt roasted cashews is a safe and quality product. So you need to choose a brand with a reputable address to buy this product.

Salt roasted cashews is a most reliable choice for you. This is where you can update the information on raw materials, processing process of salt roasted cashew nuts from beginning to end. The packaging of salted cashew nuts is also guaranteed with beautiful and safe Duy Tan plastic box. Therefore, cashews are the best choice for you to buy as snacks for guests this Tet.

Make this Tet of your home more meaningful and meaningful with a plate of roasted cashews on salt on the tea table. And cashew nuts will join you in making Tet more happy and safe with quality products, beautiful and hygienic.

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