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All the culinary masters in the world admit that: "Fresh roasted cashew nuts with skin are the best".
At Dong Phu Cashew Nuts, we have worked hard to find the best recipe for the best fresh raw roasted cashews in the world. Each cashew nut is carefully and meticulously selected from the best cashew nuts in Vietnam, then brought back to the traditional roasted firewood with a mysterious formula to retain the delicious, sweet and characteristic flavor of Binh Phuoc cashews. Nowhere in the world has it been. Then carefully packed by hand so that when you bring home or give to someone, they will feel all the love, love and sincerity in every cashew. 
How to spread the value of Binh Phuoc specialties going everywhere?
Numerous days and nights we thought about a big dream, in which every Vietnamese person once in his life enjoyed the taste of freshly roasted cashews from Dong Phu Cashew Nut, full of good intentions from the heart, Sincere feelings of cashew growers, roasted cashew. We dream a big dream in which Dong Phu fresh cashew nuts are roasted across five continents to spread the value of Vietnamese specialties to each family, each community.
And we are also acutely aware that, in order to bring Dong Phu fresh cashew nuts to every family, every country, every community, the vision and responsibility of Dong Phu Food is to serve everyone. with a passionate heart, dedication, love and deep gratitude. Only so, the dream of Dong Phu Food and thousands of genuine farmers in Binh Phuoc have come true.
With a big dream and a desire to serve society, we are pleased to cooperate with our partners, distributors, supermarkets, convenience stores to bring this passionate product to. hands of customers, so that the value of Vietnamese products can be spread everywhere.
We sincerely wish our partners, distributors, supermarkets, convenience stores, customers who are loving Dong Phu Cashew to enter a new day full of energy, love, bright create and succeed even more.
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