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Following are the customer feedback in recent times. We only list some of you, because the amount of feedback sent was too much, I couldn’t post it all.

Daily story!

Ms. Huong Tran in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City – with her Korean husband, they are very fond of Vietnamese cashew nuts and often import them to Korea for sale.


Before moving completely to cooperate with Dong Phu Cashew Nuts, you have cooperated with many famous companies in Dong Nai, including a famous brand of cashew nuts online. However, as you share, the biggest reason for Dong Phu is that the business is very standard, kind and always comply with commitments – samples and delivery of the same type. The ratio of deep seeds – atrophy -bombs is very low below 1.5%


Huong Tran shared: The cashew company of a woman from Dong Nai who is very famous online told her that the allowable rate of deep seeds was 2%, then increased to 3%, at first she quit. It is also normal to see her recommending products very well, selling well, many customers complimenting it. But also because of believing in this case, many times she is ashamed of her customers.


Once, her Korean customer bought a packet of cashew nuts to eat, looking at the packaging, very satisfied, but when opened, he constantly ate the deep and shriveled seeds. He was so upset, he poured the whole package of cashews into the trash. Evaluation of her products 1 star, then alo said that she was compensated for by the loudspeaker, but she could not stand it when she looked at it. She went back to open all the dozen packages that had not been sold yet. That is true, the nuts shrivel a lot, if they choose 10kg, they will lose 4kg of atrophy and flat nuts. Thinking that crazy.


The story shared by Huong Tran is not uncommon. Agricultural products are seasonal products and very difficult to control quality, on the same piece of land, the same variety, the same way of care that 10 oranges have sweet and sour fruits ….. So cashew nuts too .


However, customers who buy can also minimize the wrong purchase. Dong Phu Cashew Nuts have many articles sharing how to buy quality cashew nuts, you can read them on the Web.


Thank you Huong Tran and her husband for trusting Dong Phu Cashew Nuts, the company promises to keep stable quality.


Phản hồi về chất lượng của Hạt Điều Đồng Phú

Feedback on the quality of Dong Phu Cashew Nuts – is very good


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Khách Hàn quốc mua hạt điều Đồng Phú

Korean customers buy Dong Phu cashew nuts

Continuing the story of Bo Bong’ Mother.


In 2019, Bo Bong’s mother started selling Dong Phu cashew nuts to sell and saw a lot of compliments from her customers, so she asked her younger sister – Thao Nguyen in Saigon, to pick up the goods to sell for fun. At first, Thao Nguyen was also afraid because he did not know where to start, saying many times, Thao Nguyen also tried to get the goods to test for his colleagues in the company. In the first year, Thao Nguyen sold 120kg, so it was less than Bo Bong’s mother. By 2020, using one Thao Nguyen order always 150kg, once sold, and then continuously making more orders like that, causing Bo Bong’s mother to panic, alo, does the company see it like that?


The company confirmed that it was true, Bo Bong’s mother said sadly: well … I imported to wholesale, but each time I imported 40-50kg, my younger brother imported back to retail and played 150kg. It hurts a headache, outperforming myself ….. hic hic.

See, doing business many times is so interesting, folks! hi hi



There are very special guests to us, not because they buy in bulk, nor because they are foreigners or a high-ranking official at all. They simply remember Dong Phu cashew nuts every Tet Holiday, they buy our products to give to the people they love and cherish the most in the world – family.

Mr. Ngoc Thanh – a lecturer at the Biotechnology Research and Development Institute, Can Tho University.

What Mr. Thanh does is also our business philosophy: “Give love to the person you cherish the most”.

Thank you!

January 8, 2020


February 3, 2021


There were guests who happened to be able to taste the cashew nuts of Dong Phu, and found them delicious, well-groomed and kind, so contact us to get the goods to introduce everyone. Mr. Vu – Quang Binh is also such a guest. Thank you for many years of loving Dong Phu Cashew Nut products.



It was really heartwarming to receive a share from Ms. Truc Phuong – a wholesaler in Can Tho, the original text of her message: “Now people sell too rampant. But after watching, I see you do business with your heart, so you decide to buy goods with you. I am very afraid of selling cashew nuts that do not have quality “.

Indeed, as she shared, no matter how beautiful a word or intention is, the daily actions that are not in accordance with the commitment, it is difficult to gain trust and love from customers. Dong Phu Cashew Nuts always keep the promise to customers: “Only sell the best products – Do not sell old cashew nuts – Do not sell poor quality cashew nuts”.

The company thanks Ms. Truc Phuong for these sharing words.


Through talking and being a close customer with Dong Phu Cashew nut for a long time, the company admires Phuoc – a shop owner in Ben Tre. Phuoc is still very young, but his business experience and his enthusiasm are very great, remembering the New Year 2020 when the price of gold was quite high, about 53-54 million VND, something to do – be happy with the one you love, Phuoc was strong. Spend more than 100 million to buy a pair of gold shakes for yourself and your lover on the anniversary. Phuoc shared: having sold many different brands of cashew nuts, some places were at the same price, some places were lower than prices, but because customers who ate cashew nuts from Dong Phu, they praised too much, so they switched to cooperating with Dong Phu Cashew nuts in longtime. Thank you very much, Phuoc, I wish you more prosperous business and lots of happiness!


Hai Yen customer – Go Vap area, Ho Chi Minh City, Yen is a quite special customer because her product is to mix nuts together to sell to pregnant mothers and foreign customers, so the quality is very high. Cashew nuts must always be new roasted nuts, not salty, not deep, and it is important to have a uniform particle size so that when mixing the seeds, they will be more beautiful. After exchanging many times with us, Ms. Yen asked for permission to enter a small batch of 20 kg, as a result, she was very satisfied. We hope to accompany you for many years to come!


Japanese customers always make us surprise and admire. Our client – Nhat Tam Lani is an staff of an import-export company in Ho Chi Minh City, in the late 2020 period, she contacted Dong Phu Cashew Nuts to get an sample cashew roasted firewood to greet some customers. Japan. After the trial, the customer was very satisfied with the product because the product has a special aroma, the crispness, the fat is very moderate, the nuts size is even and the nuts rate of under size is extremely low (less than 1%).

In early 2021, Japanese customers wanted to take more samples of cashew nuts to offer to partners, they asked Lani’s company to provide more, because Lani was busy so she took a sample of cashew nuts available from a Another company offered in late 2020 to ship to Japan. After receiving the sample, the Japanese partner was very cautious and took it out to try it first to see if the cashew nut they had eaten. Oh ….. they realized immediately that this was not Dong Phu’s wood-roasted cashew nut that they used to eat, they immediately refused and asked Lani to immediately provide the cashew nuts offered by Dong Phu.

From this story, it is clear that the word “Promise” in business is very important. Many thanks to our Japanese customer for giving us a memorable story




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Mr. Hung – owner of a business specializing in exporting Vietnamese agricultural products to the Chinese market. After taking samples from Dong Phu for the first time and greeting customers. They were very satisfied and wanted to visit the company to promote export contracts.


The wholesaler in Hanoi is importing from a reputable factory in Dong Nai. She has known Dong Phu Cashew Nuts from 2019, but after many considerations until early 2021 the guest decided to try a batch of cashew nuts – 500g vacuum. What surprised her very much was that Dong Phu’s cashew nuts were very fragrant, not salty, and better quality than their current counterpart in Dong Nai. Thank you for the sincere sharing from Ms. Hong Yen, wish you more and more expensive business!


The customer is an enterprise specializing in exporting Vietnamese agricultural products to the Indian market. After trying samples of Dong Phu Cashew Nuts, he quickly asked to sign a contract to cooperate. Thank you very much for your company!


The wholesaler named Hien in Thu Duc area – Ho Chi Minh City is very satisfied because after many years of selling, this is the first time she is able to hold such a beautiful and well-tuned product in hand. She boasted that: Transferred 100% of the orders to our Dong Phu Cashew Factory. Thank you very much Hien!


Vy Thao customer in Tran Quang Khai, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City buys salt-roasted cashew nuts without shells to give to Japanese friends. Ms. Thao is satisfied that the product is carefully packaged and adjusted



Good feedback from our agency ” The customers said that: That is best roated cashew nuts on the earth, they used to eat, They very happy and want to buy more to give their family and freinds”


Good feedback from the customers at the north of Viet Nam

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