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Processing Cashew With Salt

This year, in addition to the wholesale and export segment, Dong Phu Cashew Nuts will expand the processing of salt-roasted cashew nuts for those who want to export goods to foreign countries, or new business people, individuals, companies. want to own my own brand of salt-roasted cashew nuts.



Hotline ordering: 0985 706 499 (Mr. Dong) – Viber/ Whatssap or facebook to connect.



With the absolute strength in the field of salt roasted cashew production such as owning 400ha of cashew cultivation area, the factory is located in the middle of a large Bu Dang raw material area, skilled roasters, factory capacity 14 tons / day, ISO 9001: 2015 certification …, Dong Phu cashew nuts are confident that they will satisfy all customers even the most difficult.




Currently, the processing segment is divided into 2 categories: 1 is processing 10kg bulk cargoes, 2 is processing fast consumer products with small weight such as 100g – 250g – 380g – 500g. So depending on which segment, the quality standards and selling price will be different. The wholesalers should not convert bulk cargoes 200k / kg, canned consumer goods must also 200k / kg.




That is very absurd and unprofessional, causing the manufacturer to reject the order and not appreciate the person ordering.



In this article, Dong Phu Cashew Nuts will detail the things you need to know when ordering, to choose to buy quality products with reasonable prices.







Hạt điều xá Đồng Phú



Features: 10kg bag / bag / carton

Packing: 10kg x 2 bags

Type: A180, A240, A320

Number of nuts per kg: A180 from 370-390 seeds, A240 from 520 – 550 seeds, A320 from 620 to 650 seeds

Permissible grain / depth: less than 1%

Allowable under-size nuts: less than 2%

Ratio of peeling seeds (large plates account for over 30% of the seed surface area): 2%

Packing specifications: Carton or tin (remember to distinguish these 2 packaging types so that the manufacturer can easily make it, but many of you collectively are the factory).

Certification of accompanying products: ISO 9001: 2015, Food safety and hygiene, CO, phytosanitary, nutritional testing, chemical and heavy metals testing.



  • With 10kg plastic bags sold to the domestic market, you just need to order alo. Because this type of factory is roasted every day, sometimes the products to your hands are still warm, fragrant opening the nose.


  • For export tinned goods: this type of high standard, large capital, many procedures …. you guys take the trouble to make the company understand each other better: 0985 706 499 (VND). Factory capacity can meet 28 tons in 2-3 days of production, so we can do with large orders.



Another note is that when processing export goods and large batches, our factory requires a deposit of 30 – 35% for orders from 1 ton or more. For orders under 1 ton, please pay 100% in advance to the factory or at least 60% payment, the remaining 40% ship COD.



Many customers are very weird in place: they require the factory to deliver them to their home to try, if they are delicious, they will pay by bank transfer. It is very disrespectful and disrespectful to our partner – in these cases, we ask for permission to refuse immediately. However, there is another way to make it easier for the two sides to work than when you want to try the product quality, you can ask the factory to send samples of 50-100g, we are ready to send you immediately. And we also pledge that: the sample and the goods delivered to you later will be the same quality, if wrong, we will come to your door to recall or exchange 100% of new products for you. .



Currently, the Company has opened one more page to synthesize customer feedback when buying Dong Phu firewood roasted cashew nuts. You can visit for reference:



WEBSITE: https://hatdieudongphu.com/khach-hang-phan-hoi/


FANPAGE: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=ctydongphufood&set=a.490152732338207




2. PROCESSING CONSUMER PRODUCTS 500g, 380g, 250g, 100g, 30g …..



Gia công hạt điều đóng hũ




Currently Dong Phu Cashew Nuts are processing products for many major domestic sales partners at airports, hypermarkets and foreign partners such as China, Taiwan, Korea, …. with designs With a wide variety, almost all models are currently on the market, we can produce with higher quality, but with the best price.



Our quality standards for canned goods are very high, much higher than our exports and all other products of our company on the market. For example, the standard for grain deep, atrophy for export is 1-2%, our product will be from 0.1 to less than 1%.



hạt điều A cồ




The sample of cashew nut ranked A as shown above is highly praised by customers because in addition to its high quality, the product also achieves superior aesthetics than existing products on the market. Each seed is arranged very neatly, carefully, the two in the middle are very delicate intertwined. It also shows that the craftsmanship of the artisans in Dong Phu Company is very high.



hạt điều đồng phú



Vacuum processing model for Taiwanese and Malaisya customers. We are stamping water resistant and date shot with modern sprayer technology for high aesthetics and safety for customers. There is a small note: If you print the date with Ribbon machine with unsafe ink, the European partners will reject the order because the ink contains heavy metal components and toxic chemicals. in most factories and households are using this type of printing. So you should pay attention.



vietnam cashew nuts




hạt điều rang củi hũ nhựa




hạt điều A cồ hộp nhựa 250g








1.Certification of Quality Management ISO 9001: 2015



Chứng nhận chất lượng của Hạt Điều Đồng Phú




2. Food Safety and Hygiene Certification





3. Certificate of origin for export



Chứng nhận xuất xứ hạt điều của Đồng Phú




4. Phytosanitary certificate for export



kiểm dịch thực vật cho hạt điều rang muối




5. Testing the nutritional composition of cashew nuts


Kiểm nghiệm thành phần dinh dưỡng của hạt điều



6. Safety test, product without chemicals – no heavy metals


kết quả xét nghiệm hạt điều rang muối



Currently, with many years of experience in the production of salted cashew nuts, Dong Phu creates the best conditions for you to get goods to sell with your own brand. That is great because we want Vietnam cashew products to be known more and more people, and you have the desired agreement with your business passion.



Call us for the best advice or add zalo 0985 706 499 (Anh Dong) to receive the quote.



I wish you many luck – more success.

Thank you very much!


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