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High class, delicious roasted cashews with salt

Cashews are typical nuts that are widely produced in our country and can also be considered as a specialty of Vietnam. There are many delicious dishes made from cashews, of which salted cashew nuts are much loved. Cashews are divided into several categories so salt roasted cashews also have many different product lines with their own prices. In particular, roasted cashew salt type 1 premium, delicious outstanding.

Like other nuts, cashews are divided into several categories according to its appearance. The bigger, more beautiful, and the more attractive the nuts are, and the higher the quality they are. Cashew too. In particular, cashew nuts type 1 is the highest quality, large, sleek appearance. There are two types of nuts that are roasted and salted, and silk or shelled. But regardless of the form, roasted salted cashew type 1 has a large round shape, beautiful. Especially inside the nursery, solid and intact.

With roasted cashew nuts type 1 will often taste better, stronger than other types of nuts 2, 3. The size of a cashew nut type is also round and eye-catching, so this is a high-class, higher-priced cashew. This type of product is mainly packaged and exported to meet the requirements of international customers who require high quality products, beautiful appearance and quite picky.

In the case of gifts, selecting salted cashew nuts type 1 is the choice of high-end products that are both practical and meaningful, showing the affection of gifts to the recipient. Grade 1 nuts are both beautiful and delicious to please anyone, even the fastidious person can hardly resist its attraction. Buyers can choose to pack as 500g, 700g or 1kg … roasted cashews to make appropriate gifts. And depending on the packaging, the price offered will also help you consider better shopping.

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